Programs and Treatments

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Kwenyan Professional Health Services (KPHS) offers a host of programs and services to meet the needs of our communities, which includesbut are not limited to the following: 

1. Intensive/Outpatient Mental Health Counseling Program- The purpose of our intensive/outpatient mental health counseling services is to assess, evaluate and treat the mental health illnesses of  the residents within the vicinity of Essex County. In so doing, we assist our clients with identifying the underpinnings of their presenting problems, and develop a comprehensive individualized treatment plan together with each client to help them achieve their therapy goals and a healthier sense of self. 

2. Intensive/Outpatient Substance Use Disorder and Co-occurring Disorder Counseling Program-The goal of our drug and alcohol treatment program is to increase our clients' insight on the disease concept of chemical dependency, treatment, and recovery; facilitate awareness of the need for personal recovery; and provide adaptive coping skills that are critical to recovery. 

3. Evaluation Services:In conjunction with the aforementioned treatment programs, we provide a comprehensive line of evaluations which include the following: Psychiatric  Evaluation and Medication ManagementPsychological EvaluationSubstance Use Disorder Evaluation, Biopsychosexual Evaluation, and Biopsychosocial Evaluation