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Welcome! You are one step closer to feeling empowered and getting on the right path to experience your personal growth and begin living your life to its fullest potential. 
As client-centered professional therapy agency, our primary goal is to assist our clients identify their inner strengths and begin living a life that is worth rejoicing. While a person can feel better after a good talk with relative or friend, for moderate or severe emotional distress, this relief is only temporary. Talking with a trained therapist helps alleviate emotional distress for good. The professional therapists in our practice are trained to listen and interact in a way that helps you understand the very root of your emotional concerns and resolve the challenges in your life. By applying a host of therapy skills and interventions, we offer you an opportunity to face your long-standing challenges or maladaptive behavior patterns constructively and confidently; leading you to experience a fulfilling and meaningful life.  

If you are seeking professional help and guidance through a difficult life situation or maybe you need a fresh new start in your life, our team of professionals welcomes the opportunity to work with you in achieving your goals.   

Don't wait another minute. Please call or email us for an individual, couple, group, or family therapy consultation today. 


Kwenyan Professional Health Services, LLC (KPHS) recognizes and respect the uniqueness of each individual. Established in 2006, our primary mission is to provide the appropriate support and services needed for each individual to live a productive life despite their psychological and/or social challenges. Additionally, the mission of KPHS is to treat all patients with respect and dignity despite their circumstances; to provide individualized care, and support services, and to maintain the highest level of patient confidentiality in accordance with the New Jersey Stature.

At KPHS, we embrace diversity and strive to empower each client with compassion and confidence. Based on an individualized treatment plan, we provide each client with the appropriate tools or intervention strategies needed to modify their behavior and accomplish their therapy goals.    


The philosophy of KPHS is to utilize innovative client-centered and solution-focused intervention strategies to reduce the symptoms and occurrences of addiction and mental health illnesses of our clients. In recognition of the significant role that poverty and a lack of supportive services plays in creating barriers to recovery from addiction and mental health disorders, the philosophy of KPHS is driven by comprehensive services and evidenced-based models that targets the underserved and underprivileged.